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Lake Gaston NC & VA - Information

Location - Mileage

Located between the NC and VA border between I-85 and I-95. It is bounded by the Kerr Dam and Gaston Dam and borders the counties of Warren, Halifax and Northampton in North Carolina as well as Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties in VA.

As determined by a N.C. Department of Transportation study, mileage to the Lake Gaston area from specific points has been established as follows:

  •  Interstate 85 to Interstate 95 crossing EFB (Eaton Ferry Bridge), 44.3 miles 
  •  Intersection of U.S. 158 and N.C. 903 to the Virginia-North Carolina state boundary line, 20.65 miles 
  •  I-95 to Lake Gaston (EFB by way of U.S. 158, N.C. 903, etc.) 25.2 miles Interstate 95 to Lake Gaston (EFB by way  of N.C. 46, N.C. 48, etc.) 29.2  miles 
  •  I-85 to Lake Gaston (EFB by way of U.S. 158, etc.) 27.4 miles

Size and Water Depth

 This beautiful lake covers approximately 20,000 acres and has 350 miles of shoreline.  It is about 35 miles long.

Water levels are strictly regulated through a license with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The license also requires cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manage the upstream feeder lake, Lake Kerr.

  • Normal: 199–200 feet (60.7–61.0 m) of elevation
  • Fish Spawning: 199–201 feet (60.7–61.3 m) of elevation
  • Flood Control: up to 203 feet (61.9 m) of elevation (204 feet [62.2 m] possible in a 100-year flood event)
  • Drought: No lower than 197 feet (60.0 m) feet of elevation

Lake Gaston has a constant water level, which fluctuates only a foot or so on average!

Perfect for Boating!  

The best place to find information about boating rules / laws and safety on the lake is 

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.  Follow this link: Boating/Laws-Safety/Rules-of-the-Water/North-Carolina-Boating-Checklist

Construction and use procedures (a pdf)


Largemouth bass, striped bass, stripers, walleyes, catfish, blue catfish, chain pickerel and bluegill.


Lake Gaston is a hydroelectric reservoir.  The lake is not federally owned. It was formed when the Virginia Electric Power Company built Gaston Dam on the Roanoke River to generate electricity for Dominion Resources, they own the lake. The dam is located on the North Carolina side. It generates electricity for Dominion North Carolina Power, which is the North Carolina operating company of Dominion Resources. The dam includes four hydroelectric generators.

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